Help to understand the quip “If there were only so much freedom of expression in Iran”

Ten minutes into his speech, he was heckled by a protester, who shouted about the Trump administration “kidnapping children.” The protester continued to shout, but she was drowned out by audience members shouting her down, and chants of “USA! USA!” The chaotic scene lasted for 30 seconds or so, with Pompeo eventually quipping, “If there … Read more

Help to understand this paragraph

Everything has broken right for England at this World Cup. It sauntered through a top-heavy group with Belgium, conveniently dropping its final game against the Red Devils in a barely-contested 1-0 loss. Because that put the unappreciated but savvy England manager Gareth Southgate and his team in the soft half of the incredibly lopsided knockout … Read more

meaning of “image-searching is strictly for those who want to get sacked”

I’m reading The Greedy Queen by Annie Gray. In the introduction, she introduces Queen Victoria as: Myths about Queen Victoria are plentiful, and largely unproven or taken out of context, from the ‘not amused’ comment, to the accusations that she slept with or even married John Brown, and image-searching Prince Albert at work is strictly … Read more

meaning of “as soon a revolution as to”

I’m reading The Greedy Queen by Annie Gray. The author quotes a court lady’s diary entry about the unfailing daily routine at Queen Victoria’s court, such as breakfast at a quarter to ten, tea at five thirty, and dinner at nine. Then the court lady says: This routine never varies by a hair’s breadth, as … Read more

meaning of “added pitfall of ensuring”

I’m reading The Greedy Queen by Annie Gray. The author introduced the way people made gelatine in Victorian times: Jellies at this time were set with gelatine extracted from calves’ feet. Rendering the gelatine took days, and was even more involved than making a stock, involving similar amounts of clarification and straining, plus a bit … Read more

‘fold over itself’ and ‘the boundary of the paper’

I’m having trouble comprehending a problem statement (I’m assuming that the problem statement is clear). The first two sentences I can understand (I’ve added them for context) but the 3rd is giving me problems. You would like to mail some origami you have made to your mom. The price of mailing is dependent on the … Read more

meaning of “for all my conviction” and “account for”

I’m reading The Fermented Man by Derek Dillinger. The author talks about how easy it is to ferment vegetables. You just need to cut the veggies and brine them. However, one day he discovered that Japanese people use rice bran to ferment vegetables. Then he says: “For all my conviction that fermenting vegetables is one … Read more

reading comprehension: meaning of “assume a little extra buffer of paranoia built in”

I’m reading The Fermented Man by Derek Dellinger. He talks about U.S. government’s regulations about cheese making. For example, cheese can be sold to the public only if it’s been aged a minimum of sixty days. Then he says: The government’s thinking here seemed fairly sound. One can always assume a little extra buffer of … Read more

True, false, or not given: there are three main kinds of identity theft

Please, reason before looking on the answer or my arguments so you don’t become biased. I’m studying for a test and there is this passage (content taken from British Council study material): Identity crime is a generic term used to describe offences in which someone uses a fabricated or fictitious identity, a manipulated identity (the … Read more