“The FFA was created to govern the rules of flying.”

Do those sentences have the same meaning? The FFA was created to govern the rules of flying. The FFA was established to give rules to flying. Answer Give rules implies that it made the rules. Govern the rules implies that the rules already existed and the organisation was set up to make sure that people … Read more

How to read this line?

I’m not sure how to read this line: See the child. He is pale and thin, he wears a thin and ragged linen shirt. He stokes the scullery fire. Outside lie dark turned fields with rags of snow and darker woods beyond that harbor yet a few last wolves. (From Blood Meridian: or The Evening … Read more

Numerals: how to read and understand

Please, help me to puzzle it out:) I’ve read the sentense in the text about school: “There are about one 600 pupils”. The author writes how large the school is. I understand the meaning of the phrase, but don’t know how to read and understand “one 600 pupils” – does it mean “one thousand and … Read more

What does “people who heard voices were definitely in the bottom ten” convey in this context?

‘All dark,’ Dudley said hoarsely, shuddering. ‘Everything dark. And then I h-heard … things. Inside m-my head…’ Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia exchanged looks of utter horror. If their least favourite thing in the world was magic, closely followed by neighbours who cheated more than they did on the hosepipe ban, people who heard voices … Read more

Help to understand this sentence “Harry grinned into his pillow, …”

Harry rolled over in bed, a series of dazzling new pictures forming in his mind’s eye….He had hoodwinked the impartial judge into believing he was seventeen.…he had become Hogwarts champion…he was standing on the grounds, his arms raised in triumph in front of the whole school, all of whom were applauding and screaming…he had just … Read more

Help to understand this conversation

The Great Hall looked its usual splendid self, decorated for the start-of-term feast. Golden plates and goblets gleamed by the light of hundreds and hundreds of candles, floating over the tables in midair. The four long House tables were packed with chattering students; at the top of the Hall, the staff sat along one side … Read more