Proper form of “user request”

The context is an Internet platform to which http requests are sent. In a sentence like this: The system behaves differently when users’ requests increase. what is the correct usage of user request terminology? I have the following doubts: I think the article is not needed: is it? (when users’ requests vs when the users’ … Read more

What is the genitive of “service”?

Is it “a delivery service’s terms and conditions” or “a delivery service’ terms and conditions”? Follow-up question: If the answer is “service’”, how is it pronounced, just as “service”? Answer delivery service’s terms and conditions service’s is pronounced “service-is” AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : wirrbel , Answer Author : Otomatonium

What is the ’s-possessive form of “the king of Troy, Priam”?

“This was brought about by the king of Troy’s, Priam’s, death.” In this sentence, should the ’s be tagged on to “the king of Troy”, “Priam”, or both? Answer Two possessive markers can co-exist side by side if there are two “owners”. For example, Agamemnon’s wife’s name was Clytemnestra But in the OP’s example saying … Read more

On the idiomaticity of attributive proper nouns, proper adjectives, and either singular or plural possessives when describing Imperial Possessions

When talking about something which is owed by an empire or is considered to be a part of that empire, which of the many ways to express this relationship are most commonly used and generally accepted idiomatically? For example, is it: The Ottoman war machine The Ottomanian war machine The Ottoman’s war machine The Ottomans’ … Read more

What’s wrong with “One of my children’s name IS John”?

Please don’t throw this one out as a duplicate of “one of …” singular or plural? I’m not asking about the plurality of the noun immediately following those two words – I’m interested in exactly why the example below is problematic (context: I have several children, one named John)… 1: One of my children’s name … Read more

Is using possessive pronouns after a name to show possession instead of apostrophe grammatical, like “John his car” for “John’s car”?

I’ve sometimes seen people use this so I was wondering if it is actually correct grammar or not. Couldn’t find anything saying that this is correct nor anything saying that this is wrong online. What I’m talking about is people saying e.g. "John his car" or "Apple their product designer" instead of "John’s car" or … Read more

the genitive of ‘one’ (used instead of ‘you’) in formal contexts

It’s better to use ‘one’ instead of ‘you’ in formal writing but what about the genitive of ‘one’? your body => one’s body/ ones body / …? What is correct? Answer Just as you would use the possessive form of you (your), you would similarly use the possessive form of one: one’s. More info from … Read more

Adding a possessive to a singular noun phrase that ends in a plural noun

Which of these sentences is correct: “The clock under the curtains’ hour hand broke off”, or “The clock under the curtains’s hour hand broke off”? The actual thing being made possessive, “The clock under the curtains,” is singular, suggesting that you should add ‘s to the entire phrase to make it possessive. This would make … Read more

How do you punctuate what FFS expands to?

I was just having a discussion with a friend, and we were wondering about appropriate grammar usage when one says For fucks sake. In my opinion, there are three candidates: for fucks sake for fuck’s sake for fucks’ sake My money is on (2), assuming that being a "sake" is possessive. (3) seems a bit … Read more