What is a term for “modern” technology that doesn’t imply up-to-date?

I am working on a game where the player is one of very very few people who own spaceships capable of jumping between planetary systems. Different planets have vastly different technology, but roughly 50% of them are just slightly beyond the technology level we possess in real life right now. Others only possess older technology … Read more

How to pronounce August Dvorak’s last name in English?

I’ve recently come across the existence of the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard created by professor August Dvorak. And I’ve been looking for solid sources on how to pronounce the man’s name and I can’t find any. Answer In a comment, Michael Harvey wrote: I read an interview in Byte magazine about 1992 with John C Dvorak, … Read more

Term for an image that briefly appears on computer screen

What do you call an image, usually fragmented, that appears on a computer screen for a split second, such as when a webpage is loading or an app is launching? I know the term exists, but can’t remember it for the life of me. An example of what I’m talking about: In this example, the … Read more

What does “boots” mean in this context about making technological improvement and making work easier?

I encountered this usage: We can do massive training closer to the operator on a smartphone, using their own device, right now, we’re doing tests in plants, so people have boots and computers and they can test themselves. Here, they are talking about technological improvements that could help making work easier. I only find one … Read more

Alternative words for “Decoding”

I’m trying to pitch something about my project. While training on this pitch I got comments telling me that the word “decode” is not appropriate and it’s a “blunt” for such type of pitching and for the target audience. We spent time thinking about a better word, but I didn’t find any words that would … Read more

A word to describe somebody with smartphone-only tech skills

I’m stuck finding a word to use for somebody who thinks he has tech skills because he can use the latest trendy mobile apps, though in fact he knows nothing about technology (e.g. how an app is made: how to create it). Answer A person who knows how to use a fancy state-of-the-art app with … Read more

What noun applies to all things transformed by human hands

As opposed to naturally occurring or unintentionally produced by human activity. It would include commodities, products, merchandise, parts, materials, etc. Specifically a thing that has any work put into it. Answer It’s not clear whether you want an adjective or a noun. artificial Adjective: artificial aa(r)-tu’fi-shul Contrived by art rather than nature “artificial flavouring”; “an … Read more

What is the equivalent of a click in a touch screen with the finger?

In computing, “an act of pressing a button on a mouse or similar device is called” : click. Does the action of pressing or touching the screen with the finger has a special name? Answer When using your finger on a touchscreen, this is usually called a tap. AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : … Read more

A word similar to “fleet” that would apply to IoT technology?

If the navy deploys a fleet of vessels or a courier deploys a fleet of trucks, what would a hardware manufacturer deploy if each unit was part of a collective that connected to a cloud infrastructure? Think of Nest thermostats as an example. Something similar to “arsenal” or “inventory” etc.., what word would describe all … Read more