What do the seasons mean?

It’s the last day of Summer, and a question came to my mind; In Greek, every season has a meaning: Άνοιξη – ανοίγουν τα λουλούδια // the flowers ‘open’ Καλοκαίρι – καλός καιρός // good weather Φθινόπωρο – φθήνουν τα οπωρικά // the fruits ‘decline’ Χειμώνας – χειμα = κρύο,ψύχος // an ancient word, had … Read more

Adjectives for seasons

I recently encountered: vernal adj. of, in, or appropriate to spring And I truly wonder if there is also equivalents for the other seasons (summer, autumn, and winter). EDIT: I just found aestival n. relating to summer. Please feel free to contribute words that have the similar/same meaning to spring and summer even though I … Read more

Why is there no “autumntime” or “falltime”?

Why is “autumntime” (or “falltime”) not a word? wintertime => sure springtime => fine summertime => lovely But apparently autumn/fall has no equivalent. Why? Answer The Anglo-Saxon calendar only had two seasons, winter and summer, each six months long. They had words for other periods of the year, but they weren’t considered seasons. At some … Read more

Etymology of “midsummer” — why is the first day of summer called “middle of summer”?

I always found it strange that the day which marks the beginning of the season of summer is called “mid-summer”, which I understand would mean “middle of summer”. While midsummer is on the summer solstice (June 20–21), the actual middle of summer would be about August 6, no? So why is the first day of … Read more

Winter — wintry; summer — summery; spring — ?; autumn — ?

wintry: characteristic of winter, esp. in feeling or looking very cold and bleak: "a wintry landscape". summery: belonging to or characteristic of or occurring in summer; "summery weather"; What are the words that mean characteristic of spring and autumn, respectively? For example: a springly landscape; an autumnly landscape What about American English, where one uses … Read more

Are particular seasons proper nouns?

Should fall be capitalised in the following? If yes, is it because Fall 2011 is a proper noun? Where should an app be released in Fall 2011? Context. In a Wikipedia article, Avatar (2009 film), a particular summer is capitalised (my emphasis): Work on the language for the film’s extraterrestrial beings began in Summer 2005, … Read more