If I connect two independent clauses with a semicolon, do the subjects of the two have to be the same?

ex: Their motivations varied and often intertwined; but, whether it was due to a desire for glory, wealth and power, knowledge, or religious converts, the entire worldview of Europe and Asia radically shifted after these expeditions. Answer First, semicolons come between two interdependent clauses. Second, “but” is a coordinating conjunction. Coordinating conjunctions introduce coordinate clauses. … Read more

How to understand the use of the semicolon in the sentence?

Men, particularly, spend hours of their leisure time installing their own fireplaces, laying out their own gardens; building garages and making furniture. I do not understand the use of the semicolon (“;”) after “gardens” in the sentence above, could someone help? Thanks Answer It’s a misuse of the semicolon as a complex-list delimiter. Sometimes semicolons … Read more

Is a comma appropriate in “Sounds good, thanks.”

If I am writing “Sounds good, thanks.”, is a comma appropriate between “Sounds good” and “thanks”? It seems awkward/too much to instead do “Sounds good; thanks.” or “Sounds good. Thanks.” Would the same rule as above apply for situations such as “OK, thanks.” and “Yes, please.”? Answer Sounds good, thanks. would only be used in … Read more

Can a semicolon be placed between two sentences if the second sentence begins with a pronoun that refers back to the previous sentence?

Consider the following closely-related sentences: Those tribes have been farmers for centuries. They do not desire to do anything else. would this way of writing the sentences be correct as well: Those tribes have been farmers for centuries; they do not desire to do anything else. Answer Yes, a semi-colon would be correct in the … Read more

help: punctuating a long list containing abbreviations

any suggestions for the following list: “such as: joiner, Hollaender swivel T, Hollaender horizontal flat plate, jr. end piece, Hollaender split cross, flange base, [Matthews] Big Ben, speedrail ear, swiveling alum. Cheeseboro, Modern swiveling cheeseboro, Modern sliding D-ring, grid clamp to 3/8” thread (often used with cheeseplate), side mount jr. grid clamp, baby grid clamp, … Read more