Will the placement of two conjunctions that appear consecutively sound better?

I found this sentence from my exercise book (Oxford Grammar): I felt lazy, and because I didn’t have any real work to do, I took the afternoon off. The execise instructs me to guess whether it’s correct or not. The key answer is correct, but I have a question. Why isn’t this sentence written like … Read more

How to convey covering one’s eyes from bright sunlight?

How can I describe covering your eyes from bright sunlight? Like putting up one of your hands over your eyebrows horizontally to prevent the sunlight coming into your eye? Answer As a native British English speaker, I would probably say "I shielded my eyes from the bright sunlight". You could be more specific if you … Read more

Can I say that science “provides” beliefs?

It seems to be relatively common to speak of "scientific beliefs". If I turn to science to inform myself about what it has to say on some topic, does science "provide" such beliefs? In other words: Is the following sentence awkward? "Science provides us with the best justified beliefs available on this matter." If it … Read more

“There was no bus today” or “There was not a bus today”?

I want to tell my friend that bus didn’t come today (in the morning). Which of the following sentences are acceptable: There was no bus today. There was not a bus today. I know first one is right because I have heard many sentences like this. But is second one right? Thank you. Answer The … Read more

is it right that past participle adding object is considered to a sentence?

The below sentence makes me confused. is "Reorganized boxes in the attic" and "Rearranged his tools in the shed and moved the Saab’s winter tire to a new place" correct complete sentence? I can’t find the subject. Put new screws into the handle of the door from the kitchen to the veranda. Reorganized boxes in … Read more

Asking open hours of the restaurant

This question has already been answered here: How to properly ask for store hours on phone? However, I have one question. Can I ask the question like following? How long does the restaurant stay open? Answer That’s correct, and understandable, but I’d probably prefer the slightly simpler "When do you close?" – You aren’t really … Read more