How to handle con­di­tional clauses where it’s un­known whether the pro­ta­sis’s con­di­tion ac­tu­ally got ful­filled or not?

I have a ques­tion re­gard­ing con­di­tional sen­tences, as far I know the “third con­di­tional” is used when we’re talk­ing about a con­di­tion from the past that never ac­tu­ally hap­pened af­ter all. For ex­am­ple: If she had come home early, she would have got­ten to meet him. In this ex­am­ple, the per­son did ɴᴏᴛ get home … Read more

The baby cries this morning

The baby cries all morning. The baby has been crying all morning. I think both of these are grammatical but carry different meanings. The first one shows a general habit while the second one shows something has happened in the near past. Am I correct? Answer Yes, you are correct. The present tense has (at … Read more

“my email ID has changed” vs “my emil ID is/has been changed”

I want to ask one thing. Sometimes we hear people say my email ID has changed. As per my understanding present perfect tenses need a subject which is missing above. I find these sentences little bit weird because I think we should have subject in using present perfect if it is not passive one. I … Read more

Why do ‘vomit/limit’ use single ‘t’ while emit/omit use double ‘t’? A study case of relations between etymology and verb inflections

One comment gave me a great link for musing the answer: “Focussed” or “focused”? Rules for doubling the last consonant when adding -ed However, my question is the rule in doubling the consonant ‘t’ related to the etymology of the words while the answers to that question, after some pondering, are much more about: The … Read more

Present Perfect tense in combination with ‘for/in/since’

I’m currently having a discussion with a friend regarding the usage of a present perfect tense in combination with for/in/since etc. It revolves around this sentence: Traffic has been a big problem in The Netherlands for the past few years. To my understanding with this sentence you say traffic was a problem till now, because … Read more