Please, is a comma required after the word ‘lists’?

I have written many poems, topped lists and helped other poets. Also, is a comma required after the word ‘wells’ here? I spent years trimming flowers, digging wells and doing dishes. Answer the comma you mention is known as the Oxford Comma. Users of the English language have traditionally been split into opposing camps over … Read more

Is it acceptable to state conditions one after the other separated by commas but not have “and” or “or” in the end?

I found a duplicate question here, but am asking my question since the nature of my sentence is a little different. The sentence: “You need to know your employees well. Who is unhappy at not getting a raise, who is hurt at being scolded by their boss, who is unable to tolerate the air-conditioning. Knowing, … Read more

Why does President Trump add a second comma in this sentence to Kim Jong Un?

In the President’s letter to Kim Jong Un, I noticed a comma which confused me : I felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between you and me, and ultimately, it is only that dialogue that matters. The first comma, to me, appears to be, potentially, a comma splice : I felt a wonderful dialogue … Read more

Can linking verbs and action verbs be together as elements of the same list?

I am writing a sentence that contains a list of elements in it. Some of the elements are formed with linking verbs and some with action verbs. For example: Laura is a sexy lady, smells heavenly, dances salsa gracefully, and plays soccer in her free time. To me, somehow, mixing linking verbs (is, smells) and … Read more

How can I divide this sentence?

It also generally implies a particular view of reality of what man, society, and even the physical world like in the nature, behavior and relationship to one another. Could you divide this sentence with a slash(/) to understand easily? Actucally, I don’t know the usage of comma exactly, maybe it makes me more complicated. Answer … Read more

Description after comma belongs to?

Let consider below example: Varicella Zoster, the virus that causes chickenpox and shingles, a far more dangerous, harmful, and longer-lasting disease in older adults that impacts the nervous system. I above para which is far more dangerous varicella zoster or shingles?. Does it mean varicella zoster cause chickenpox and shingles? Answer “Varicella-zoster virus (VZV)” causes … Read more

Omitting a comma before “aka” and then using a serial comma in the end of a series

When we use also known as as aka, we don’t precede it with a comma. John Smith aka Big Nose was a famous <…> But what about the case where aka is followed by items in a series? Given name aka first name, forename, or christian name is a <…> (notice the serial comma) Given … Read more

Can I use a comma before an ampersand?

Question Can I use a comma (,) before an ampersand (&)? If no, then why not? Example The same products attracted all European countries to India: spices, silk, & cotton. Answer By way of supplementing Mari-Lou A’s answer, I note that Chicago Manual of Style is by no means alone in asserting that there should … Read more

Why are there 2 commas when writing X, Y, and Z in a paragraph/sentence but only 1 when writing that in a title?

For example, “John liked bacon, eggs, and sausages” is correct but if I see an album or song title with that same pattern like “Money, Women & Cars” is correct. First, are the commas correct in both iterations and if so, why is it so? Answer That extra comma is called an Oxford Comma, and … Read more