Expression for straight male who prefers the company of gay men

We used to call women who preferred the company of gay men as “fag hags” What are straight men who prefer the company of gay men called? I found nothing on the internet, unless you count Urban. Answer Based on the comparison to the term “fag hag”, I assume you want a term that could … Read more

What are the origins of “gender confirmation” surgery?

TLDR: What was the first use of the term "gender confirmation surgery"? Was it used before, after, or contemporaneously with the term "sex reassignment surgery"? An NPR article today (2019-05-16) discusses the case of Adree Edmo, an inmate in Idaho who’s suing the state to provide surgical intervention for treatment of gender dysphoria. Both the … Read more

Alternative to “queer the deal”?

The phrase queer at­ti­tude used to be com­mon­place, sim­ply mean­ing a strange at­ti­tude or un­help­ful be­hav­ior. Un­for­tu­nately in the present era, I once used that phrase and sadly of­fended an LGBT per­son, since peo­ple to­day use queer to mean ho­mo­sex­ual. I can avoid say­ing queer at­ti­tude by just say­ing strange at­ti­tude. What’s a mod­ern al­ter­na­tive … Read more

What does “queer” really mean these days?

Once upon a time, queer simply meant strange*. Then it came to be used as a derogatory term for homosexual (adjective or noun). Later it came to be worn as a badge of honor by the Lesbian/gay community, as an umbrella term. My gay and Lesbian friends proudly included themselves under the “queer” banner. As … Read more

Is the term “sexual preference” generally considered offensive now, and has it always been?

In American politics, Judge Amy Barrett used the term "sexual preference" during her confirmation hearing. This was criticized as offensive by writers at publications such as CNN, USAToday, and Vox. Several popular conservative pundits claimed that the term was not considered offensive until Barrett used it: I sincerely didn’t know “sexual preference” was considered problematic … Read more

Specific meaning of term “nail-biters” in context of mid-1970s America

The phrase in question revolves around a rather odious quote, so I beseech all reading to please suppress your political leanings and focus instead on the meanings of the phrases employed. In around 1977, Anita Bryant, singer and vocal celebrity advocate of the “Save our Children” campaign aimed at curtailing the freedoms of American LGBT … Read more

Word that is to “sexual orientation” as “racism” is to “race”?

The widely used word “homophobia” clearly doesn’t fit the criteria. For example, “racism” can mean discrimination towards any race, black, white, Asian, etc. Similarly, the word we are looking for should also be able to describe people who have prejudice towards asexuals, bisexuals, heterosexuals, pansexuals, etc. Also, phobia means fear, or negative feelings. If someone … Read more

When talking to the child of a same sex couple, is it more standard to say “your parents” or “your fathers”/”your mothers”?

When talking about an opposite sex couple, it’s standard to talk about “your parents”, because it’s a lot less wordy than “your mother and father”. But what’s more standard for a same sex couple? “Your parents”, or “Your mothers”/”Your fathers”? Answer Linguistically, there is no normal here. Come back in 50 years. AttributionSource : Link … Read more

What is a gender-neutral word(s) for the word “maternity”?

The word maternity as in the sentence “the maternity wear is over there. If you’d like to follow me…” is typically the go-to language when describing, talking with, or about pregnant persons’ wear, but this is not inclusive towards people who are not women and or cis who can get pregnant (e.g. trans men). So, … Read more

Like “sexist” or “racist,” but in reference to being gay?

Is there a term that is similar to sexist or racist but refers to gay people? “Homophobic” comes to mind, but that’s more a fear or disgust of homosexuals versus discrimination based solely on sexual orientation. To be specific, I’m looking for an -ist/-ism word, but I’m not sure if one exists. Answer heterosexism might … Read more