Person who invites: “Inviter” or “Invitor”

There is a clean word that defines person that is invited: an invitee. However, I can’t seem to find a straight definition of either terms that would define a person who invites the invitee. Is it “Inviter”, “Invitor”? Is there some other term that is more appropriate? Answer You could use Host or Hostess for … Read more

What could be a dictionary approved, synonymous alternative for ‘intentful’?

In sentence: “I was intentful on the completion of the work today.” I’d thought of using the following sentence too: “I was desirous about completing the work today.” But, it doesn’t sound as appropriate to me, as it wasn’t merely a desire or a wish that was being harbored, but the thought was more toward … Read more

A word for the meeting place of opposites

I am in search of a word that represents a place or a situation where opposites meet. The nearest word that I can find for it is the word horizon which according to oxford dictionary means “The line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet”. My concern here is that horizon … Read more

Word for “something that we should not strive for”

I’m looking for a word that describes “a habit, quality or act that we should not strive to acquire or embody”. An example would be “being lazy”, “uncooperative”, “stubborn”. These can be said to be “negative qualities” for an individual, I’m looking for a word that succinctly describes these unwanted qualities according to most people … Read more

What’s the word or phrase when one takes advantage of you but pretends and mocks you for thinking that way

I saw someone posted this on Facebook and lot of people commented a word/phrase for that sort of situation. Basically someone does something to you but makes you think you are crazy in a sort of manipulative way. I can’t find the post anywhere now and I forgot what word it is. Any idea? Answer … Read more