Word for “orientation” when talking about things that have two sides?

I am a researcher in computer vision, and I’m dealing with objects that have two sides – akin to coins that have heads and tails or animals which have dorsal and ventral sides: In one setting, I always observe the objects from a particular side, e.g. always look at the dorsal side. In the other, … Read more

Adjective meaning “disposable” that sounds more eco-friendly

I’m marketing a product I invented for travelers. It’s made of recyclable card stock. Travelers will use it for a week or less, and then either recycle it or throw it out. “Disposable” is a good description, but doesn’t sound eco-friendly. “Recyclable” is too easily misinterpreted as meaning reusable. I’d like to be able to … Read more

What is a one-word synonym for “absence of trade”?

I am trying to describe the state of an economy (or country/region if you like) that does not trade using a noun. My best choice so far is “autarky”, but this means rather “absence of necessity to trade” than “absence of trade”. An economy in autarky does not need to trade and may not trade, … Read more

What do you call the roads along the coast or borders of a country?

In Portuguese we call it marginal (which I would say relates to the word margin, i.e at the border of something). No result from Google Translate felt as the right answer. We may say for example Vou pela marginal which means I’m going to take the __ road. edit My bad, I posed the question … Read more

Is there a name for words rhyming from two different stanzas?

Im analyzing this poem, and I noticed that none of the words rhyme with each other in a stanza, but words rhyme with another word from tge next stanza. I understand rhyme scheme is supposed to be within each stanza. Is there a word when rhyming occurs outside the stanzas??? “I heard the screams above … Read more

Word or expression for a shared feeling of constant distrust, paranoia and anxiety of failure within a group of workers

I am looking for a word that would describe a feeling among a group of workers who are distrustful of one another and overly paranoid of an impending group breakdown & failure. For context, imagine a group of people who are so concerned with looking out for their own personal welfare & job security in … Read more

If eloquent speaking is ‘oratory’, then eloquent writing is

As it says in the headline, looking for a word that represents “the art of writing” in the same way that ‘oratory’ in some sense represents the “the art of speaking”. Example: She had great _______. BONUS: Obviously a noun, but is there a specific grammatical term for words like these? If so, what is … Read more

What is the opposite of a loanword? [closed]

Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Closed 3 years ago. Improve this question The words in a language that weren’t borrowed. Answer You’re probably looking for native word. … Read more