What’s a word similar in usage to “diatribe,” but not as harsh?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a diatribe is defined as a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something. I had previously understood it to mean something more along the lines of drawn out, longer than it needs to be, impassioned persuasion. For example, in a friendly letter, My [diatribe] begins here. Any … Read more

Word meaning the reverse of ‘Xenophobia’

Xenophobia refers to the irrational fear or hatred of foreigners. But recently I’ve seen people displaying (in newspaper articles and other places) an irrational fear or hatred of their own countrymen. Is there a word for that? Answer Wiktionary says: Antonyms xenomania xenophilia xenophily allophilia (more general) This is, however, not exactly what you are … Read more

In a project, what is the relationship between dependent tasks called?

If I have two tasks, called “Design” and “Development”, what are the relationships between the two called? Clearly, this is a type of dependency, but I need to be more specific. That is, I need to be able to say: In this relationship, “Design” is the A and “Development” is the B My wife and … Read more

“Visualized” equivalent adjective for audio

Are there such words as “audiolized” or “audibilized”? EDIT: Merriam-Webster has the word Audibilized indexed with no definition! What I was trying to achieve was to say that something is an audibilized presentation of some other thing, exactly the same way we use visualized presentation. EDIT: This is a visualization of a sort algorithm. Therefore … Read more

English term for a word that differs from another one by just one letter

When I was a child, pretty much every children’s magazine I subscribed to used to publish those little word-chain games where you had to get from one word to another — often an antonym — by replacing one letter at a time. To simplify (or complicate) things a little, you were allowed to take only … Read more

Read ( Beautiful + Interesting ) stories

I’m looking for a word to express something that is beautiful and interesting at the same time, to use in this sentence: Read [term] stories Can you help me find one? Answer How about wonderful? AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Victor , Answer Author : GSerg

What can a man that owns land for agriculture be called without using “farmer”?

Does anybody know? Answer If he works the land, you could call it an “agricultural tenant” (also “tenant farmer” , but you don’ t want the word “farmer” in there) If he owns the lands, “Agricultural Landlord“ The terms “tenant” and “landlord” are good candidates, but can also be applied for other kind of real … Read more

What is a less offensive synonym for “retarded”?

I occasionally use “retarded” when chastising myself or other friends. I know it’s not Politically Correct, but am I only allowed to say stupid? How long before we can’t say that anymore? Other words like “ignorant” don’t work well because well, I don’t like that word because it’s misunderstood (even though it works well for … Read more