What is “first modify” in the following piece from a license text?

“You may redistribute the source code of this program subject to the condition that you do not first modify it in any way” Answer ‘First’ is used to mean ‘beforehand’, so a condition for redistributing the source code is that you don’t alter it before redistribution. AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Max G. … Read more

What is its called when you buy a program or game and you can’t use it anymore do to the devs shutting down the servers (an online game in my case)

What is its called when you buy a program or game and you can’t use it anymore do to the devs shutting down the servers (an online game in my case) The only reason it will not work is do to the dev’s shutting it down. (By the way, I can’t get a refund so … Read more

A synonym for “software version which removed a feature”

I’m looking for a synonym for software version where a usable feature was removed: The new version is a ______, the only improvements are cosmetic, I’m staying at 2.9. The terms that come to mind are ‘downdate’ and ‘downgrade’, but they also mean a return to previous version, regardless of the quality or feature set … Read more

Why are parallelizable tasks emberrassing?

Software developers often speak of “emberassingly parallel” tasks. Why is this adjective used in this phrase? What makes parallel tasks emberassing? Answer if something is embarrassingly easy, it is ridiculously easy, so much so that when you do it it feels like you are showing off. In parallel computing, an embarrassingly parallel workload or problem … Read more

Antonym for “formal methods”

In writing about verification techniques, I want to discuss formal methods vs. other methods (e.g., testing or code review). While informal is the generally the antonym of formal, referring to these other methods as informal methods makes me feel like I’m describing them as slap-dash, low-quality approaches, which is not my intent. For context, I’m … Read more

Is there a label that describes a person with whom I am sharing something

If I shared something with someone and you wanted to describe me in that context using only one word, you might call me the “sharer” or “owner”. What word could the person I’m sharing with be called? Is he or she simply the “recipient” or is there a better word? I am looking for a … Read more

Support for/of/to a specific standard or norm

I already checked this answer: "Support of" vs. "Support for" but since the context is not the same, I am not sure of the right answer. Here is the context: say that you are talking about a specific software which integrates a specific standard or norm. How should I express it ?: “The current version … Read more

Proper call to action text for button: “Request system alert to be closed”

I’m working on an application. Sometimes, when performing certain tasks, something fires an “alert” (a message that something went wrong). The app notifies this and also gives the possibility to request this alert to be closed (they are not simple notifications, they need to be examined and then closed) I need the call-to-action to be … Read more