Is ‘fer’ a somewhat usual spelling of ‘for’, or is it perhaps restricted to cricket (‘five-fer’)?

-fer a suffix to any number, meaning the number of wickets taken by a team or bowler. (See also fifer/five-fer) Wikipedia I assume that ‘fer’ means, or is derived from, ‘for’ with the usually following number omitted. As you would say ‘5 for 46’ (in cricket; meaning 5 wickets for 46 runs against you; so … Read more

Name for top sports team at university

In France, and probably in some other countries, university players of team sports are generally divided into tiered teams, with the strongest players going to the strongest team (“team one”), and progressively weaker players in subsequent teams. For context, the strongest team will generally play in national college competitions, while others may play in smaller … Read more

Why is the singular “Olympic Athlete From Russia” used for an ice-hockey team?

It’s definitely more than one athlete in the Russian team. On TV: On the web And they did it all the time till the finals: Clearly, it wasn’t an arbitrary error or slip-up. Answer Olympic Athlete from Russia is the offical English name of the team, although it is widely misrepresented as Olympic Athletes from … Read more

Verbs for Martial Arts, Dance, and Performances

My students keep writing “I play kendo”, “He plays diving”, “they play ballet”, etc. I’ve been correcting them to use “do”/”does”, but are there other better verbs? I’ve considered using “practice” and “compete in”, but each tends to exclude the other. Answer Well while there are other words you could use ‘I practice Kendo’, ‘I … Read more

Is there a more British way to talk about tackling problems?

I can see that the Cambridge Dictionary is at least aware of the use of tackle meaning "come to grips with a problem" and I can see that the Sunday Times has used it on occasion. It still seems so connected to (American) football that it shouldn’t be the most idiomatic way for a Brit … Read more

What is the name of this exercise?

Can anyone tell me what is the name of the following exercise? Lie straight (first image) Touch your feet (second image). Answer It seems to be called (body) roll-up on several places, giving only a couple: However, it is not listed yet on the wikipedia roll-up disambiguation page. AttributionSource : Link , Question … Read more

What does the expression “the school first XI rugger team” mean?

I found this sentence in a novel set in Cornwall. The complete sentence is: Daddy is very proud that you have made the school first XI rugger team. The boy in the team il 16 y.o. and he lives in the Thirties of the Twentieth century. Can you help me understand the meaning of this … Read more