Several questions regarding a passage by Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle once wrote in one of his papers: That, then, which I chiefly aim at is to make it probable to you by experiments (which I think hath not yet been done) that almost all sorts of qualities, most of which have been by the Schools either left unexplicated, or generally referred to I … Read more

usage of the word “such”

I’m not sure whether this sentence is correct or not, “The man turned his computer on and covered his eyes, such was the light emitted from the screen.” or “such powerful was the light emitted from the screen.” I know that I could say: “Such was the light emitted from the screen, that …” But … Read more

“As such,he helped saved 6 lives…” What grammar category

I need help in identifying the grammar category. Why is Past Participle used after the word "helped" and what grammar category to refer to understand? "In August 2017, Elijah Mayhew, 15, of Florida died of a gunshot wound there.Weeks earlier, he had told his mom that he wanted to be an organ donor. As such, … Read more

Is the expression “the biggest such business” grammatically correct?

I have found the expression “the biggest such business” in the second sentence in The Economist. It has also made it easier for people to find the ingredients, kit and talent necessary to cook them up illegally. For years the biggest such business was making stimulants such as amphetamines and methamphetamines, which are also produced … Read more

“so much…” or “such…” discrepancy

I have the sentence: “They begin to recognize why so much discrepancy and confusion persists within this subject “ My question is: should it be “so much” or “such”? Would I need to do something like “such discrepancy and so much confusion…”? Thanks! Answer Both can be correct depending on the meaning. “So much discrepancy” … Read more

Unorthodox article placement

In my English class yesterday we looked at the following example: Monica is such a beautiful woman. We learned that the above sentence could also be written as: Monica is so beautiful a woman I am wondering what the rule for this, to me unorthodox, placement of the article before “woman” is. Answer Such and … Read more