Click the button “in” or “on” the window – Technical Writing

I’m writing instructions telling a user to click something in/on a computer window. I lean naturally towards “click the button in the window”, but is it “click the button on the window”? (Note: this is referring to a small floating window within the larger browser window, if that makes a difference.) I’ve seen it written … Read more

Are there any guidelines for proper use of “creative” capitalization within in a technical report?

I am trying to edit a report that seems to have a lot of common nouns capitalized. My job is to edit for consistency of this style, which I am not familiar with. Does anyone have experience with what I can only think to call “creative” capitalization rules in a business/finance setting? Here are some … Read more

How to punctuate two sentences that form one unit that requires a colon at the end?

I ask this in the context of comments in computer programming which are written in plain English. For this question, I require a colon at the end of every comment that is a heading of code. Now, if the heading consists of multiple sentences and I don’t want to use a semicolon, is this considered … Read more

Is there an standard English dialect to use for programming and documents?

This question came up today in one of my code reviews at work. Where I used colour (South Africa English/British English) instead of color. Our company’s opinion is to use American English for programming. Which is fine if they want to do it that way, I just wondered if there is a standard dialect to … Read more

What is the collective name for the power, volume, and/or function buttons on a tablet?

I’m trying to be the most inclusive when writing a procedure that involves usage of a tablet computing device. I’ve read about hardware buttons for Microsoft Tablet PCs. I want to know if there’s a more inclusive term for them on devices from other manufacturers, as well. An example sentence would be: “Press the device’s … Read more

“The” before proper nouns in technical writing

Should I use “the” before proper nouns? I would like to skip it, will it be grammatically correct? Example: MicroApp receives the SL Recovery Key, the LF Service Key, and the Auth Key to control user transactions. In my case, the proper nouns are the names for software components. In comparing with other applications, the … Read more

Is it idiomatic to begin a sentence with “In address to”?

I would like to start a sentence with In address to. Example 1 In address to this problem, several examples have been presented. Example 2 In address to the trade-off between work and rest, as we work more we have a more stressful life. Is this sentence grammatically correct? Is it idiomatic to start a … Read more

Abbreviation “mm o.c.” in construction (spacing of ducts etc)

What does o.c. stand for and what does this mean? These are some examples of its use: Space end bells approximately 250 mm o.c. for 125-mm ducts. Space fasteners at 10" (250 mm) o.c. on intermediate supports for single layer floors and 12" (300 mm) o.c. for subfloors. Cold joints in flat insulating concrete form … Read more

Is the included sentence about party planning grammatically correct?

Is it correct to write the following? Since you have asked me about the planning of a farewell party for your English teacher, I’m happy to help you with some suggestions. Is there any way to improve the sentance? Answer “Since you have asked me about the planning of a farewell party for your English … Read more

“As they are referred” vs. “As they appear” when we discuss terms and their definitions

I have a technical document that starts with an introduction section describing the key terms that are used in the document. What is the proper way to name this section? Path component names as they are referred in this document Path component names as they appear in this document (I cannot name it just "Path … Read more