Looking for a certain gender-neutral word

This is going to be a bit tricky to ask correctly, so sorry for making you read long, carefully crafted sentences! Sorry if it seem like excess (and it kinda is, but better safe than sorry, as I don’t want closure! If you have an edit that gets the point across but in a shorter … Read more

Which one is correct to use, first-person form or third person form?

In the below sentence, should “implement” need to be in a first person form or third person form as it is now? This Regulation is set up with a view to ensure that subject people comply with ruleA and ruleB, and properly implements their responsible works. Answer If implements refers to the Regulation, it must … Read more

On third-person singulars in a step-form algorithm description

I wonder whether it is necessary to use third-person singulars for the verbs in the step-form algorithm description, which I explain now. The first version is without third-person singulars. The algorithm A has the following steps: Compute B=f(A). Check whether g(B)=1. Output h(B). The second version uses third-person singulars. The algorithm A has the following … Read more

What is the purpose of (-s) in “Don’t hurts us”?

Shouldn’t verbs after “to do” always be infinitive? If so, then what’s the purpose of adding the suffix “-s” ? Image from Middle Earth- Shadow of Mordor || Gollum says: Don’t hurts us! Answer Gollum’s speech is consistently shown as non-standard. He regularly adds an additional “-es” to already plural words (eg “pocketses”). This is … Read more

What are the advantages of having different word forms for different tenses?

I’m always wondering this question: what benefits can people get from using different forms of words in different contexts? For example: We say “he learns English” instead of “he learn English” but doesn’t the pronoun “he” already indicate the sentence is in 3rd person? We say “yesterday he drank too much beer” instead of “yesterday … Read more

Why is “bales” the 3rd person singular of “bail”?

Today I come across a video where I heard “But each time God bails Abraham out …”, however, looking at the subtitle, it is “bales Abraham…”. I thought the subtitle maker made a typo, but upon looking it up on Google, the word is actually legitimate: bail 3 verb: 3rd person present: bales scoop water … Read more

Third person ‘s’ with (enumeration of) indefinite pronoun ‘each’

Is it correct to use third person ‘s’ with indefinite pronoun ‘each’? Example: If we lose, each member of our team seeks personal potentials for improvement. If so, is it also correct to use third person ‘s’ with an enumeration of indefinite pronouns ‘each’? Example: If we lose, each member, each supporter, and each associate … Read more

Is it grammatically correct to use ‘now’ third person past tense narration?

Here’s my specific example: Puffing, Ralphie rested her elbows on the guardrail. Body Woman was now talking to a bald super spy. (For context, Ralphie is on a balcony looking at Body Woman and the super spy.) Is this grammatically correct for what is supposed to be a third person past tense narrative, or does … Read more