“Shaw” → “Shavian” – why “v”?

The spelling for the adjective derived from the name Shaw is Shavian and not Shawian. Similarly you can find Arrow → Arrovian and Harrow → Harrovian. This strikes me as odd. First of all, I accept that the adjective for /ʃɔː/ is pronounced /ʃɔːvɪən/, so this is not about the word, just the spelling. Now, I see two possible … Read more

What is the purpose of changing “Nürnberg” to “Nuremberg” in English language?

For the longest time ever I assumed these are two different places and was very confused about never knowing where Nuremberg is. Recently I found out that Nuremberg is the English form for Nürnberg. Is there a known first documented mention or some other historical evidence which may point to the purpose of this change? … Read more

What is the term used for a place name that represents something other than the place itself?

There is a special term for when a place name is representative of something other than the actual place itself but I can’t remember what it is. For example: ‘Brussels’ may be used to refer to the European Union or ‘Washington’ to refer to the U.S. political establishment. Does anyone know what this term would … Read more

Is there a name for a building that produces potions?

A few friends and I are developing a game that involves producing potions, however we’re finding it hard to think of the name for a building suited to producing potions specifically. Some names we have thought of include: Workshop Factory (This seems like more of a modern term, which goes against the setting of our … Read more

Usage of English variants of foreign place names (Regensburg – Ratisbon)

Many place names have different form/spelling in English and in the original language of the country, in which they lie, e.g. Lyons x Lyon, The Hague x Den Haag, Munich x München. Most of them are used so commonly that there is no question about their usage in English (e.g. I would definitely write Cologne … Read more

Word for the name part of a country name

EDIT: I am obviously not being clear. I am not looking for a word for the common or familiar name. I am looking at how to describe the portion of the formal name that does not describe the system of government. In the name United States of America what is America? In the name French … Read more

Is there a name for a place where chains are made?

I know that a factory that makes ropes is a ropery, but neither ‘chainery‘ nor ‘chainworks‘ seem to actually be real (or at least popular) terms for a place that produces chains. I hunted around a bit and didn’t come back with anything obvious, so I got to thinking that maybe it’s something I wouldn’t … Read more

Pedestrianised or Pedestrian Zone?

I’ve recently encountered the term “Pedestrianised Zone” (as part of the name of a pedestrian zone, as in “X Street Pedestrianised Zone”) and thought there’s something weird/grammatically wrong about it. Wikipedia suggests that in BrE, pedestrianised zone = pedestrian zone. But according to www.gov.uk as well as images of road signs in the UK, “pedestrian … Read more