To distinguish between American and British spelling [closed]

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How much Vs whatever

Send me how many books you have or Send me whatever book you have. My concern is about quantity of book, so which of these both sentences is correct? Answer Neither. “Send me how many books you have” is close but implies sending the actual books, not their quantity. I would suggest “Tell me how … Read more

a further strain of the virus

Is it okay to speak of “a further strain of the virus” in a context about the Delta variant of COVID-19? Does “a further variant of the virus” sound more natural? I’m wondering if there’s a BrE/AmE difference. Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Apollyon , Answer Author : Community

Gray or grey? I’m really not sure [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: “grey” vs “gray” are both common equally in use? (1 answer) Closed 10 months ago. Pretty self-explanatory (I know this is a common question). I’m not sure. Can someone help me out? Answer Google says : Grey and gray are both accepted in the English language. They refer … Read more

‘-…ory’ : Pronunciation difference between American and British English?

While listening to the OALD’s pronunciations of prefatory, I wondered why the British pronunciation (ˈprɛfətrɪ, which resembles ♦pre-fah-trie) lacks the sound of the letter o, and thus seems less intuitive than the American (ˈprɛfəˌtɔri, which resembles preh-fah-tory)? Is it wrong in British English to articulate the o? What are some formal terms describing this phonetics … Read more

“Huge” or “Enormous” preferable to use in academic writing? [closed]

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