will record or will be recorded

Which one is correct? I also checked the National Library which any official translation will record in it. or I also checked the National Library which any official translation will be recorded in it. Answer Both are wrong. You don’t need both "which" and "it": "I also checked the National Library, which any official translation … Read more

“Sedgefield Yellow” and “Mallowflier”

the text is from a play called The River. characters are talking about fishing. What are "Black Bomber", "Sedgefield Yellow" and "Mallowflier" referring to? are the same things? my question is about what kind of droppers are they talking about? The black bomber is a kind of fishing reel?! THE WOMAN. I changed to a … Read more

Understanding “Boss the stone” and other phrases

The Passage is from Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth. Ginger is a DJ and he never had the chance to work as a DJ and he is high at the moment. According to these lines, what’s these phrases means: "public awaits", "I’m roasted", "Boss the stone" and "boss it" DAVEY. They’ve disbanded. 2 Trevs is no … Read more

Is dropping the word “University” standard in all variants of English?

I came across the following conversation. Person 1: Which school are you attending? Person 2: Georgetown Why do people drop the word "university" here? Is it obvious for native speakers? Won’t it be ambiguous when a city has more than one university with a similar name? I see this only in the US. Indians invariably … Read more

Understanding been up half the night lying in wait for her

I’m having trouble understanding of this passage from The Ferryman (Jez Butterworth) What is the meaning of:"been up half the night lying in wait for her"? UNCLE PAT. She’s been up half the night lying in wait for her. Honing her Battle Plan. I swear to God, sometimes I think the only thing keeping her … Read more

What is the meaning of “in the long daisies”?

What “the long daisies” mean in the passage? The passage is from The Ferryman (Jez Butterworth) AUNT MAGGIE. No, I’ll answer. The truth, girls. The truth is… I loved a man who loved another. He was from Killborren. His name was Francis John Patrick Maloney. The son of a house painter. All the boys from … Read more

Understanding word in the college is 1987

The Passage is from Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem. what is this line: “Word in the college is 1987 is going to be worse.” means? Also, who is Maureen Pringle? PROFESSOR: A DJ, eh? GINGER: That’s right, mate. PROFESSOR: How does that work? GINGER: Basically, I spin sick beats. Bring the ruckus. Drop the bomb on the … Read more