What does (not) signify in: (not) on lesse (than)?

unless (conj.) mid-15c., earlier onlesse, from (not) on lesse (than) "(not) on a less compelling condition (than);" see less. The first syllable originally on, but the negative connotation and the lack of stress changed it to un-. "Except could once be used as a synonym for unless, but the words have now drawn entirely apart" … Read more

How to understand ‘unless’ = ‘on a less or lower condition’, in: ‘Don’t X, unless Y’?

OED (3rd edn, 2017): [†A.] 1. Forming a conjunctional phrase introducing a case in which an exception to a preceding negative statement (expressed or implied) will or may exist: (not) on a less or lower condition, requirement, etc., than (what is specified). Obs[olete]. Let’s contemplate: Exercise, unless you spurn healthfulness. that ought to mean: Exercise, … Read more

Transform the conditional sentence beginning with word ‘Unless’

I have a sentence and need to transform it to begin with word unless. The sentence is Study hard now or you will regret it later. I am not able to begin this using Unless. My attempts are Unless you don’t study hard, you will regret it Unless you don’t study hard now, you won’t … Read more