would you tell me in which situation would you prefer to apply this?

When/where or in which situations would you rather use such a word? Absenteeism Hooligunism Answer Your question is a little vague, but here a few pieces of advice about when you can use these words. 1st, they are both abstract nouns describing the concept of habitually being absent (from work) and typical hooligan conduct respectively. … Read more

What is the difference between “to get”, ” to take” and “to pick”?

When I should use “to get”, “to take” and “to pick”? Who answer can put a few examples? Thanks. Answer To “get” is to acquire. To “take” is to choose those things that you want, and to make them yours. To “pick” is to choose perhaps somewhat more selectively than “take” as listed above, but … Read more

Help understanding “begin with oneself” and “only the most sublime virtue can afford sufficient illumination for it”

The first and most important rule of legitimate or popular government, that is to say, of government whose object is the good of the people, is therefore, as I have observed, to follow in everything the general will. But to follow this will it is necessary to know it, and above all to distinguish it … Read more

What accent shoud a foreigner use in an English-speaking country, if the foreigner can do most accents?

I’ve watched so much American, Canadian, British and Australian shows/videos/sitcoms/movies/lessons that I can now do most of those different accents. Of course, I will not be as good as the native speakers, but if I go to say Australia, or Canada, which accent should I use there, how will people accept it? For example, if … Read more