“Which” with an independent clause

I’ve seen the classic “that” vs “which” debate. However, I’m unsure about which to use in the case of joining a clause with “and”. For instance, in Proper Confidence: Faith, Doubt, and Certainty in Christian Discipleship Lesslie Newbigin states: This is a culture that responds to the Christian story by asking “how can we know … Read more

Is my realative clause “for which” used correctly in this sentence?

I wanted to say that the material that was used to store documents were made of animals’ bones and skins in Shang Dynasty. This is my sentence: “Bamboo strips books were invented as a replacement for the materials that stored documents for which they were made by animals’ bones and skins”. Thank you very much, … Read more

Use of the pronoun “which”

I have a few silly questions about the use of the pronoun which: In the sentence "A statistical model is a family of probability distributions of a random variable which is smoothly parametrized by a finite number of real parameters" is the pronoun which referring to the noun "statistical model" or the noun "variable"? How … Read more

The film [that/which] I selected for viewing

The film that I chose for the class to watch is called The Life of Igor. The film which I chose for the class to watch is called The Life of Igor. —At the margins, are both correct? (When I say "at the margins," I am referring to the stipulation in the Chicago Manual of … Read more

Is my StackExchange-Description written correctly?

This is my profile-description of the StackExchange-Site: “Dösbaddel” is a (North-)German word for “Dummkopf” which probably means “fool” in English. Is it written properly or do I need to insert a comma right after “Dummkopf”? “Dösbaddel” is a (North-)German word for “Dummkopf”, which probably means “fool” in English. If you find more things one could/should … Read more

What does “that” mean at the beginning of a sentence?

“That which is certain is of no interest.” Above sentence starts with a “that”, which I am curious about the meaning it adds. Would anybody please explain it? Answer The function of ‘That’ in your sentence is to refer to any thing that your sentence could apply to. So if I say ‘That which doesn’t … Read more

Usage of “that”, “where” and “which”

I’m Turkish. Is the sentence below correct? Information: There is an exception. It is used or defined in the module. And my field specifies this information. Sentence: This field specifies the module that the exception is defined or used. Is using that okay there, or should I use where or which instead? Answer The final … Read more