Is it ok to say “something I will have come to learn later in the course”?

I have written It lacks exact references to the book, something about argumentative analysis I will have come to learn later in the course. I wonder if this is correct and what this tense would be called. Perhaps it would be called “future past future perfect”? Answer According to the Cambridge Dictionary it is future … Read more

“You’ll be hoping for a bit more from the new player, I suppose.” Why the future continuous?

“You’ll be hoping for a bit more from the new player, I suppose.” Why the future continuous? Wouldn’t one rather use the future simple instead? If not: why not? Answer Hope is a concept related to expectations and desires for the future, so most expressions of hope are about the future whenever present or future … Read more

“Remember thou shalt die”: Shall/will

A common translation of the Latin hortative memento mori is “Remember thou shalt die.” I am not interested in a discussion of the Latin, nor of what the expression actually means in English. I am more interested in why English speakers chose the formulation “Remember thou shalt die” over “Remember thou wilt die,” considering the … Read more

Future perfect/simple future/present perfect

Please consider the following: They will report to me what they will have known/will know/have known. Which one is right if the context is they will report to me after they know it Answer The clause what they know is a relative clause. In integrated relative clauses, a simple present can be used for a … Read more

Fruit longer in the fridge

In one of its definitions of ‘will‘, Cambridge Dictionary(Cambridge Dictionary | English Dictionary, Translations & Thesaurus) says: will is used when referring to something that always or usually happens, and then it gives a good number of examples. Now consider these two sentences, please: a) Fruit will keep longer in the fridge. b) Fruit keeps … Read more

Sure I will or I Sure will

If someone says to me Make sure to check this in future, next time you update this. How should I reply? Sure I will or I Sure will Answer Acceptable answers are : Sure, I will. I Surely will. I will, Surely check this in future AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : jsduniya , … Read more

Present continuous vs will + infinitive

The body of this question is divided into four sections: Exercise, Theoretical context, Answer and Questions. I believe this is the right site to ask given that this is a question about “word choice and usage” (from the help center). Exercise In this textbook I’m working on, I encountered an exercise in which I must … Read more