Dialed in and unplugged in formal English

Actually, I kind of understand the meanings of "dialed in" and "unplugged" in the following context, but it strikes me that they are a little informal. I am intrigued to know what is their formal alternatives? If I may could you possibly let me know how they are uttered in formal contexts. That would definitely … Read more

Does this “retreat” mean literally in “the *retreating* interpreter has imparted the director’s messages…”?

Below is an excerpt from an interview article about an interpreter who was accompanied at every press tour for the movie, ‘Parasite’. From her first appearance at Bong Joon Ho’s side in Cannes, where he accepted the Palme d’Or for his sensational "Parasite," interpreter Sharon Choi has been an unwitting award season MVP. Clad in … Read more

Which word should i use in this sentence?

I want to say; ‘Breathing the dewy air of flowers and fresly cut grass scent’ Or ‘Breathing the moist scent of flowers and freshly cut grass’ I think the second one is the correct one because for flowers, using the word scent instead of air, and using the word moist instead of dewy would be … Read more

Does the word “Paraphernalia” have a negative connotation

Oxford Dictionary paraphernalia – a large number of objects or personal possessions, especially the equipment that you need for a particular activity. Collins Dictionary paraphernalia – You can refer to a large number of objects that someone has with them or that are connected with a particular activity as paraphernalia. I see this often use … Read more

What does “taken up” mean in this sentence?

Naked mRNA is not readily taken up by cells, but needs to be encased inside a protective envelope to gain entry. In this sentence, I’m confused by the phrase taken up. After searching a dictionary, I’m even more bemused. I just couldn’t find a meaning that matches this sentence appropriately. But I do have a … Read more