“Bring up the subject” vs “bring the subject up”

Example: I stared at my brown sneakers, deciding whether to bring up the subject. I stared at my brown sneakers, deciding whether to bring the subject up. What’s the different between the two? Are both grammatical? Which one is more common? Answer With a verb + preposition combination like this one (sometimes called a separable … Read more

“start from the beginning” vs “begin from the starting”

What is the difference between the following two sentences? Do they both mean the same? Why don’t you start from the beginning? Why don’t you begin from the starting? Answer Your first sentence is fine. Your second sentence is not. Begin and start are both verbs, so they can be interchanged. The equivalent noun of … Read more

Should I write “X and I”, “X and me”, “I and X”, or “me and X” in a conjoined object?

A question was asked in one of my friend’s interview. The question was to determine the right form from the below sentences. Q. Correct form of English: Samuel was with Susan and I Samuel was with Susan and me Samuel was with I and Susan Samuel was with me and Susan None of these Now … Read more

Is there always a “the” before a superlative adjective?

For example: I could not face being alone again and losing the person dearest to me. I wonder why there is no “the” in front of “dearest”. Answer The noun superlative The the is there, two words ahead of the superlative adjective. Usually in English the adjective comes ahead of the noun, but in this … Read more