“God only knows” vs. “Only God knows”

One can say only God knows in reference to some mystery only an omniscient being would know, or for those who prefer their oaths minced, heaven knows or goodness knows or lord knows. The inverted form God only knows is also very common. But if read in usual English word order, it means something different, … Read more

Is the SVOMPT word order necessary in creating a sentence?

I learned the English word order SVOMPT (Subject, Verb, Objects, Manner, Place, Time) rule at school. Although it was a quite straightforward rule when I was studying, now (under more influence from Slavic languages) I find myself not obeying it sometimes. So far, I haven’t noticed that others do not understand what I say, but … Read more

How to properly position adjectives

Sometimes I find myself in the position to describe something and of course making massive use of adjectives. Check out the following sentences, I would say, for example: three large red apples; three red large apples; are equally correct, I think but I’ve never heard anyone say: large three red apples; large red three apples… … Read more