There is no question that you will not misunderstand this sentence

The MacMillan Dictionary has the following definition for the phrase ‘there is no question that‘: used for saying that something is definitely true It gives the example: There is no question that she has a great voice. In other words: It is definitely true that she has a great voice. Therefore it appears that the … Read more

When should you repeat the same subject in a compound sentence?

I’d like to know when it is required to repeat the pronoun after a clause or an interjection within the same phrase. For example, which of these two phrases would be considered correct: I’ve recently sold my first book, a period drama which I’ve written years ago, and I have another book optioned. I’ve recently … Read more

Religious names in index. How do you order and present?

I have a book that discusses Catholicism. I would like to know if there are any established resources that advise on listing religious names in indexes, where the norm is reversal of surnames and forenames. For example Christ, should it be: Christ Jesus Jesus Christ Christ, Jesus (THINKING DEFINITELY NOT THIS) Also Popes: Pope John … Read more

Neologism: I am introducing a new term in my thesis for a concept but I am cautious

Is it arrogant in writing to explicitly say I came up with the term? Fear of appearing arrogant made me think to just say: X will be used throughout the thesis to refer to the concept of Y without informing that no one has used it before. What do you think? Any alternatives to introduce … Read more

What are the real rules for choosing between the simple past and past perfect when both actions are in the past?

What are the real rules for choosing past perfect versus choosing past simple when you have two different past actions? I ask because the English sequence of tenses rules I was taught would have made me choose different tenses than those the writers in all three examples I show below chose. That makes me think … Read more

Grammar clarification on a sentence

I am using this statement in my job application’s cover letter. ” Kindly requesting to consider my career interest and immediate availability.” Mentioned sentence is showing it as grammar error. What exactly i have to do to rewrite the sentence? Answer The sentence is missing a subject. That’s why your computer doesn’t like it. You … Read more