chat it out — meaning?


Anyway, we should start today’s episode. And today we are doing a chatterbox episode and that is where we talk about a subject in depth and just sort of chat it out.

What does that expression mean exactly? Could you please give me some additional examples of how it’s used in everyday conversation?


I’ve not heard the phrase chat it out used before. I can find it on Google, but it’s not commonly used. A Google Ngram doesn’t return any instances of “chat it out.” I suspect that they are adapting the phrase “talk it out” to “chat it out” because they’ve named the type of show a “chatterbox episode.”

What they mean is that they will examine a topic, perhaps a controversial social or political issue, in detail, and try to come to a resolution of the issue. Calling it a “chat” implies that the discussion will be civil and relatively lighthearted. They’re thinking about the issue but doing so out loud and in a group rather than in their own minds.

Talk it out can mean much the same thing as debate or discuss. It is often used when two parties disagree on an issue and are reluctant to have a civil discussion with one another, even though that discussion would benefit both parties. Here are a few examples:

  • Democrats and Republicans disagree on immigration policy less than most people think. If they would just come together and talk it out, something productive might occur.

  • Jane was dating John, but now he’s with Sally and the girls are fighting. They play on the same basketball team and see each other every day, so at some point they’re going to have to talk it out.

  • Sam has been really distraught since his mother passed away; I really think it would help if he would open up about his feelings and talk it out with a friend.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Rybkin , Answer Author : Jason Patterson

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