Collective term for a group of naive people [duplicate]

For cynical people, the word “cynics” is commonly used. For example, on this page at, one of the definitions is

cynical: (adjective) of or relating to the Cynics or their doctrines.

Is there a similar term for naive that can be used in a similar fashion? For example, something like

of or relating to the Naives or their doctorines.


naif, as defined by

noun: a naive or inexperienced person

…..naif is [similar to] to the adjective naive. They share a common
origin, the French word naïf, which means both “natural, unspoiled, or
innocent” and also “foolish.” When you describe someone using the
adjective form of naif — which can be used interchangeably with naive
— you are usually implying that the person is a little childlike or

adjective: marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of
guile or worldly experience

When I first saw the question, I immediately thought naif. Then I saw it in comments, and assumed somebody was busy writing an answer. But no, maybe because Colin Fine (see comment) doubts that 2% of English speakers would recognize the word “naïf”. Assuming he is right, that would be about 20,000,000 people worldwide. IMO, enough to justify an answer!

As for a collection of naïfs, I suggest “a nursery of naïfs”.

Example Sentence (made up and plausible for any political commentator writing for a literate audience):

Only economic naïfs believe that X’s policies will
do anything to help the middle class.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peeyush Kushwaha , Answer Author : ab2

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