Combining imperative mode with the implication of the action

I have two sentences:

1) Do something.
2) That (the action you performed) will make another thing happen.

I’m trying to combine these sentences into one, as they sound dumb to me when used separately. So far I think it should be like this:

Do something, which will make another thing happen.

but I’m not sure if it’s correct.

EDIT: Actually, I’m asking for a general rule, but the specific example is:

Press the button. That will make a list with country names appear.


Given the example that you provided, there are a lot of constructions you could use (that will work for many other cases as well):

Pressing the button will make a list of countries appear.

Press the button in order to see a list of countries.

Press the button, and a list of countries will be displayed.

Press the button if you want to see a list of countries.

Source : Link , Question Author : tonso , Answer Author : arbitrarystringofletters

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