“Come to mind” vs. “come to one’s mind”

Which of the following phrases is correct: “to come to mind” or “to come to one’s mind”?

If both are possible, do they have the same meaning?

If not, when should I use each of them?

Would you please give me some examples?


We do not typically say this phrase with “one’s” in it. Just use “come to mind,” in whatever tense suits the context. Really, you won’t hear it any other way.

An example:

“Joe, can you think of any way to make this meatloaf taste good?”

“Hmm. Gosh, no. Nothing’s coming to mind.”

This is probably the most common way of using the phrase, as an equivalent to “think of something/anything.” (“Hmm. Gosh, no. I can’t think of anything.”)

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