Commentator on Steph Curry’s three-pointer – “… like the fries are at the bottom”. What does that mean here?

Okay, so there was a recent basketball game between the Golden State Warriors (GSW) and the Los Angeles Clippers, where GSW — the underdog — came back from a 22-point deficit to beat the Clippers by 10 points. Around the last minute of the game, Steph Curry hit a three-pointer over one of the star players of the Clippers to seal the deal. When Curry took that shot, the commentator went crazy and said:

The productive, prolific hands of Steph Curry … In his bag — deep — like the fries are at the bottom.

What does "like the fries are at the bottom" really mean in this context? What does that have to do with basketball or Curry hitting that three-pointer? This isn’t unexpected of him; he is clearly one of the best players in the game. This has to be a reference to something popular to have come up so fast in the commentator’s mind. This is a clever way of saying what exactly?


I have been meaning to write an answer for this for some time now.

The productive, prolific hands of Steph Curry … In his bag — deep — like the fries are at the bottom.

The commentator is basically referring to Steph having to reach real deep in his bag of arsenal of basketball moves. Steph was putting on a show, performing at his absolute best to bring back his team from a 22-point deficit.

Steph had to use every move (and every bit of energy) he had in his bag (and in his tank) to not only cut the deficit but actually win. On the last play, where Steph hits that three-pointer over George Paul, he set up the shot by mixing in a few dribbling moves: Steph took the ball between his legs, behind his back, and then added a step-back right before pulling up.

That is what the commentator was referring to. Reaching deep within oneself. So, "like the fries are at the bottom" is a metaphor comparing —

how Steph had to really reach deep (and use the last bit of his technique and energy) to win


how we have to reach deep into a bag of fast food to get the remaining fries at the bottom.

That is some legendary commentary!

And here is something from the YouTube comments:

Announcer said Steph Curry was deep in his bag (his arsenal of moves). [I]f you have ever had fast food, the last couple French fries always fall to the bottom of the bag and you have [to] dig down in the bag to get them. Steph is deep in his bag like his fries were at the bottom. – Michael Barnes

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