Comprehension of ‘he doesn’t say NOT after everything’

Bunky and I frequently watch TV program called Future Ratboy.

I’m Future Ratboy and Bunky is his annoying sidekick, Not Bird, except Bunky’s not a bird and he doesn’t say ‘NOT’ after everything.

I read the cartoon ‘I am not a loser’. The above is not understood by me. Here Bunky’s role is a helper of name ‘Not Bird’. But I am stuck with the following part after the word except. How can we understand ?


The situation is roughly as follows: the writer and Bunky often watch the show Future Ratboy. When they watch, the writer imagines himself as Future Ratboy, and Bunky imagines himself as Not Bird.

The joke / difficulty is that the character Not Bird is a bird. He is called Not Bird because he is a bird who often says ‘NOT’. Bunky is not a bird, and he doesn’t say ‘NOT’, and so the writer is insinuating that Bunky is not a good fit for the role of Not Bird.

Source : Link , Question Author : HK Lee , Answer Author : legatrix

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