Computer networks security threats analysis

I wrote my bachelor’s thesis, and just now I got a question in my head that should have been asked long time ago. Originally the thesis is written in Polish, but I’m also obligated to translate my topic to English.

So, is “Computer networks security threats analysis” correct? I can’t change it any more, so I just want to know is this correct?

In my thesis I am analysing a few computer networks security threats. But I think it’s obvious.


Networks and threats do not need to be plural. It’s not idiomatic. It’s basic grammar. Nouns are used as adjectives here. And the nouns are non-count nouns, so they should be singular.

See Azar et al. in Basic English Grammar, 4th ed. For non-count nouns, see Oxford Learners Dictionaries. They don’t have any special term for dual-usage count and non-count nouns.

Source : Link , Question Author : Denis Wasilew , Answer Author : tchrist

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