Conditional for a future plan conditioned by your available time

Which one of these is correct, to speak about a future plan and time?

  • I will come to the party if I have time
  • I would come to the party if I had time
  • I will come to the party if I would have time

Also I’m open to other suggestions 🙂


Your first sentence is a promise: you tell your hearer that if you have the time you will definitely come.

Your second sentence is a regret: the past-tense forms indicate that the condition is a “counterfactual”, a condition contrary to fact, so you cannot come – but if you could you would.

Your third sentence is not idiomatic English. Will and would are never used in a condition (IF) clause in a futurive sense, but only in a volitional sense – that is, when they mean be willing.

If you will do this = “If you are willing to do this” or “If you consent to do this”.
If you would do this = “If you were willing to do this” or “If you consented to do this”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ehsan88 , Answer Author : StoneyB on hiatus

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