copy/pasting or copying/pasting?

Should we write:

I am copy/pasting the text


I am copying/pasting the text



The modern notion of copy-paste is new enough in the nomenclature (barely a few decades old, roughly the same age as word processors) that I don’t think this matter has been settled yet. Personally, I’d be apt to use hyphens with “and”, rather than a slash:

I am copying-and-pasting the text.

That said, I’d have no problem with either of your versions.

This might also depend on the formality of your document. If you are writing this in an email, it won’t really matter. Everyone will know what you mean. However, if you are writing for a journal publication, that might merit more careful deliberation.

Source : Link , Question Author : Billal Begueradj , Answer Author : J.R.

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