Correct usage of ‘proverbial’

Is it the correct usage of the word ‘proverbial‘ to suggest to someone who is completely bald that they need to ‘let their proverbial hair down‘?


It is the correct usage.

used in a proverb or other phrase:

The players pointed the proverbial finger at themselves as the ones
needing to improve.



A place where you can let your proverbial hair down and party like an
animal, the Ice House has something for everyone

So this is when you let your proverbial hair down a little and can
really be yourself.

you have to let your proverbial hair down a bit and show your human
side to your audience

People like to get a glimpse at the real people behind a brand so
don’t be afraid to let your proverbial hair down once in a while and

Source : Link , Question Author : Simon O’Hanlon , Answer Author : Michael Harvey

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