Correct usage of the phrase ‘if any’

What is the best position for the phrase ‘if any’ for the sentence below?Please explain the rationale behind your answer?

What could be, if any, the benefits or disadvantages of something?

What could be the benefits or disadvantages, if any, of something?

What could be the benefits or disadvantages of something, if any?



The corpus data show clearly that if any is usually used after a noun, sometimes after few. So the second sentence is the best choice. examples: And do you know what services , if any, they performed while they were there? New York decisions shall be cited from the official reports , if any. What impact , if any, the transaction has on the public safety. Having said this, I think it is also fair to say that there are few , if any, good scientific studies to back this up. 

Source : Link , Question Author : Liber , Answer Author : Anshan Today

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