Country names ending in “-ia”

Many countries have "land" as a suffix, like England, Poland, Switzerland, etc., which means ‘the land of the English’, ‘the land of the Swiss’, etc.

Many other countries have "stan" as a suffix, like Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, etc. ‘Stan’ means land in their language, it became ‘the land of the Kazakh’, ‘the land of the Turkmen’, etc.

My question is about "-ia": many counties have "-ia" at the end, like Australia, Serbia, Nigeria, Croatia, Russia, Tunisia, and many more.
Can anyone tell me where that came from, or if it has any meaning?


-ia is a Latin ending (-ία in Ancient Greek) used to form abstract nouns. In this case, the “abstract” noun referred to a nation, that is, a collection of people and the locations where they lived. For example, the land of the Germani was Germania.

Source : Link , Question Author : asmgx , Answer Author : Mark Beadles

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