“Dasometry”: is this a common word in English? Is there more common alternative?

I am looking for a word that groups all measurements done in the trees or forest, like Tree height, Diameter at breast height, Basal Area, Volume, crown diameter, etc.

In Spanish we have the word “Dasometria” for that, and in English I only found the word “dasometry” in research papers written by Spanish or Portuguese speakers (probably influenced by our local definition) like these example and these search results. Although it is found in many scientific papers published in English journals, it does not appear in many English dictionaries (Cambridge,lexico, Collins, McMillan, wordreference).

I will use the word for a Masters research project in an Australian university, so here is my question:

Is it right to use the word “Dasometry” and “Dasometric”?

If not, what alternative word can I use to address the above definition?


Dasometry is probably the anglicized form of your local term, as for English texts the more common expression appears to be

Tree and Forest Measurement

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