definite article referring to industries

When talking about an industry, is the definite article needed?
Does it need two definite articles if referring two industries?

Road transport development benefits the e-business industry.
The e-business and the express delivery industries depend on road and air conveyance development.


Short answer: yes, definitely.

“The textile industry”, “the Coca-Cola Company”, “the Men’s Wearhouse”, etc. are all correct. This is only the case when talking about a specified business or category, however; when talking about “any warehouse” or “an industry”, the definite article is not needed.

To your second question (is it necessary to use the definite article twice when talking about two different businesses), you don’t have to, but it makes the meaning clearer if you do.

You could correctly say “the red and green boxes”, for instance, but it would be ambiguous. (Is it two boxes which are both red and green, or is it one of each?)

“The red box and the green box” is more clear. Therefore, I’d use two definite articles, the way you have it in your example.

Source : Link , Question Author : canoe , Answer Author : Ghosty

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