detail or detailing

In the following extract from Frankenstein, which of the two possibilities do you think makes more sense?

and although I loved him with a mixture of affection and reverence that knew no bounds, yet I could never persuade myself to confide in him that event which was so often present to my recollection, but which I feared the detail/detailing to another would only impress more deeply.


The word is “detail” since that is what is in the published version.

To understand this you need to look at obselete meanings of detail (as is often the case if you choose to read 200 year old books.

detail: a narrative that relates to minute points of focusses on particulars (paraphrased from wiktionary)

And read this with an understanding of grammar that also is 200 years old.

Source : Link , Question Author : Apollyon , Answer Author : James K

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