“Device got hanged” or “Device got hung”

If i have to report an event that took place earlier, what is better to report, “The device got hung” or “The device got hanged”?

The current status of the event is unknown; it is still happening or not.

What is more appropriate to say?


The ordinary “principal parts” of HANG are

Plain form          hang
Past form           hung
Present participle  hanging
Past participle     hung

Consequently you must say the device got hung.

In fully formal contexts hanged is employed for the past form and past participle when people are executed by hanging: The murderers were hanged.

Horatio raises a possibility which had not occurred to me, which is that you mean hang in the sense of “stop working, cease to function”. If this is the case, then you cannot use got at all: that’s a passive construction, like be hung/hanged, but hang in this sense is an intransitive verb and therefore cannot be employed in the passive.

Source : Link , Question Author : pRAShANT , Answer Author : StoneyB on hiatus

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