Did I understand the third conditional correctly?

All of these are sentences I would like write in the Third Conditional:

1: I would have gone by taxi, if I had had enough money.
2: He gladly would have taken his children for a walk, if he had been not so busy.
3: A traffic policeman would have found it sooner or later, if you had parked your car in the wrong place.
4: They would have made so many mistakes, if they had been attentive.
5: She would have let me know, if she had received.

If I didn’t understand correctly, would you please correct me.


Your understanding of the “third conditional” appears to be faultless.

There are however two errors of different kinds, which may be merely typos:

  • In #4, you appear to have omitted not: They would not have made so many mistakes…
  • In #5, receive is a transitive verb and requires a direct object: She would have let me know if she had received it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mediator , Answer Author : StoneyB on hiatus

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