Difference between ‘all’ and ‘all the’

I came across people using all the in sentences instead of all.

Select the type of user to view all the users of that type. All the
users of the selected role are displayed.

I usually strike out the after all. Is there any justification that I can give my team on why the seems out of place in the above example? Are there any rules of grammar for or against using the article after all?


This has nothing to do with “all” and everything to do with “the”.

You should use “the” wherever a definite article is required. (“The” is a definite article as opposed to “a/an” which are indefinite articles)


For example, if I say, “Let’s read the book,” I mean a specific book. If I say, “Let’s read a book,” I mean any book rather than a specific book.

Here’s another way to explain it: The is used to refer to a specific or particular member of a group. For example, “I just saw the most popular movie of the year.” There are many movies, but only one particular movie is the most popular. Therefore, we use the.

PS: You can say, “Lets read all the books.” This is because you know which lot of books you are referring to. On the other hand, “Let’s read all books” – sounds odd!!

Source : Link , Question Author : Jax , Answer Author : Prateek Mishra

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