Difference between the meaning of “noun which verb” and “noun verb ing”

For example:
What is the difference between the meaning of “Health centers which conduct free medical check-ups…” and “Health centers conducting free medical check-ups…”?
Thank you in advance.


[1] Health centers [which conduct free medical check-ups].

[2] Health centers [conducting free medical check-ups].

The difference is mainly a syntactic one.

Gerund-participial and past participial clauses as modifiers in NP structure are semantically similar to relative clauses. Leaving aside the progressive aspectuality in [2], the two constructions have similar meanings, though the subordinate modifying clauses are different.

In [1] the bracketed constituent belongs to the class of integrated relative clauses while that in [2] is a non-finite clause — more specifically a gerund-participial clause.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jo Makintash , Answer Author : BillJ

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