Difference – “never learn” and “never learned”

If someone ask me to teach something but I want to tell them I never do it before

What’s I should say and what’s the difference between these sentences

I never learn it

I have/had never learn it

I never learned it

I have/had never leaned it

Thanks in advance!


The fourth one is correct “I have never learned it”

The first is the present form, though it’s not often used, in fact I can’t think when I would say “I never learn it”

The second if not correct grammar

The third is a correct past perfect form, “I never learned it” and you could use this ad well. You might use it if you were explaining for example that you were never taught how to drive, so you might say “I never learnt how to drive”. But if you are saying I was never taught French you might say “I have never learned French” I think you can use these forms interchangeably.

Source : Link , Question Author : Smile.Hunter , Answer Author : Derek Knight

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