“difference of average [something] between the different [something]”?

I have this rather complicated expression that I would like to express in the most understandable way possible.

The difference of average [something] between the different [something].

I am comparing things by their difference of the average of some metric. I feel that the way I express this is complicated, and I would like to express it in a simpler way.

The problem here is that I can’t just say “the average [something] difference between” because it is not the difference that is averaged, and it is important to make that evident.

Is there some other way to more concisely express what I want to say?


The difference between the averages of A and B.

First, ‘the averages of’ or ‘the average of’, just to emphasize you’re talking about the averages, not some average differences, then the clear way of expressing is: “you measure difference between the averages”. The way you try to express it “measure difference in averages between A and B”, while correct, is really obscuring the meaning.

Source : Link , Question Author : kutschkem , Answer Author : SF.

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