Different meanings of “recommends people eat” and “recommends people to eat”?

Are there the different meanings between the following two sentences?

  1. The association recommends (that) people eat smaller portions at lunch.

  2. The association recommends people to eat smaller portions at lunch.

Which sentence is more likely to be used?


The first sentence is correct. The second is not. If you wanted to use “to eat” you would need to use a verb such as “counseled” or “advised”. You cannot use the infinitive form after “recommended” or “suggested”.

  • We recommended that they eat toast.
    We suggested that they eat toast.
    We advised them to try the toast.
    We counseled them to avoid the bacon.
    We warned them not to eat the sauerkraut.

The only sense in which “recommend people to {verb} would be sometimg like this:

  • “The association recommended [a few] people to be considered for the position of Secretary.”

But in this sentence, the people are being recommended, not the action they might do (which is not even mentioned)

Source : Link , Question Author : Faji , Answer Author : Brian Hitchcock

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